One of things we look for in maintaining a healthy puppy or dog is a Premium Human Grade ALL NATURAL Daily Vitamin and Mineral Supplement. There are a LOT OF THEM to choose from, but ONE rises above the rest! 

  Tasty (even for a finicky eaters) LOVE
NuVet Plus-Canine "Your Pets Best Friend"
1 bottle contains 90 wafers

For a dog of 10-24 pound or more this is a three month supply.
 Dogs under 10 pounds, the tablets are cut in half and then you have a 120 day supply! 
Formulated over an 8 year period NuVet is an FDA approved high quality food grade product --all ingredients and the final product are made in the USA.
NuVet Plus helps develop immune, skeletal, nervous systems (and more) and provide lifetime health benefits including greater resistance to allergies, skin and coat issues, infections and more serious diseases. I send my puppies home with this product as part of my health guarantee and my expectant moms and adult retirees also get this treat every day!

To order either email me
Call: 253.229.6470
I ship free of charge.
One 90 to 120 day supply is just $55.50!
For just pennies a day you can give your Havanese or any other breed the best Health Supplement available.

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