2013! Wow, another year, and another reunion has come and gone. Our "veterans" were just as wonderful to see as our newbies!
We met at "It's a Dog's World" in Sumner, WA.
Springtime is hard to get everyone together with graduations and soccer finals but we did have a fantastic turnout.

When they were little, just 8 years ago!
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                             Why do we have  Puppy Reunions?

We LOVE to see the pups all together again at least once a year. We not only have the great opportunuty to chat with our new FOREVER families, eat BBQ or Banquet, and have a good party, but we get to chart the progress of each dog and answer any questions about adult dog care. This way both the dogs and the owners remain happy with each other.

Living with a Havanese is a joy, but living with a SMART, HEALTHY Havanese is even better. As breeders. we get the chance to see how our dogs are maturing. As you can see, everyone looks great, but they ARE healthy and well cared for.

We like to provide ongoing support, but really, we love these little guys from the moment they arrive, and its VERY hard to let them go! It is my secret thrill to have them all back once a year. It's usually doggy pandemonium, but it is a BLAST! If you ever need a real pick me up, put 6 or 7 Havanese together -- they make their own party with or without the food or the people!

We have been very fortunate to have found wonderful homes for our pups, and we love their owners just as much as we do the dogs. Everyone has the chance tp  "brag" and swap puppy raising tips and we all discover the similarities in our litter's personalities. As a dog ages, owners may discover that their dog has an aptitude for agility or therapy work and we can put them in touch with the proper facitilites for training.  Some of our "yearlings" have become Champions, and we let them strut their stuff. All the dogs "ooh and aah" over the ribbons for a nanosecond, and they they play "run like heck" for the rest of the afternoon.

This year we were fortunate to have Animal Planet Photography -- they were very accomodating and allowed us to get some really great photos for our families ! Thank you to everyone, we had a terrific time!