With the goal of having the kids involved in the raising and showing process, we researched many breeds to find the one that suited our lifestyle and the kids' needs the best. Believing that research is the key to success in any endeavor, we traveled to several states seeing different dogs and meeting the breeders. We wanted to be sure that when we did make a decision, it was the right one for the whole family.

When we saw our first Havanese, we knew we had the right breed for all of us. Havanese are affectionate, smart, and loyal. As a bonus they are also hypo-allergenic and non-shedding. They are quick learners and as a rule, are not incessant barkers. They are like a "big dog" in a little dog package. Hav's are ready to play but quiet down quickly when it's time to do homework or have a cuddle watching TV or reading a book. They are the perfect companion dog for any age and love to sit quietly on your lap when they aren't clowning around.

We are considered Havanese enthusiasts and small home breeders. We breed our dogs selectively if they finish well, pass their OFA Health Exams and are paired up well with a suitable healthy mate, as we believe in fully supporting the breed standard. We provide our buyers with a Health Guarantee, initial, complete deworming, shots and shot records, informational literature, excellent puppy food, a feeding schedule, and on-going support as new Havanese buyers. We know you will enjoy your Havanese as much as we do! We occasionally have a litter of pups and can refer you to High Quality Breeders both in state and out. 

Esplendor Havanese - 
The Third Generation of Excellence and Experience.
Our Story!
We are the Saxey family and we are Havanese owners with a great affection for our dogs. We have always been dog lovers. In the past Dr. Saxey, along with his experienced and uncompromising parents, raised German Shepherds, Standard Poodles, Papillons and Schipperkes with  his brothers while growing up. Hause Sachse Kennels, located in Sunnyside WA, and later in Portland, OR were renouned for their excellent skills and quality companions. His experience with his family gave him a love of dogs and a feeling of satisfaction and responsibility that we wanted to pass along to our children.

Rodericks parents had a large kennels throughout the 1950's, 1960's and 1970's, raising primarily German Shepherds in thier business called Haus Sachse Kennels. Many of Roderick's childhoold memories are of dog showing and his relationship with the dogs. The following is a nice synopsis of Haus Sachse Kennels experience with their German lines and from their lines direcly from Rin Rin Tin III, Jolly Arno, and others.

Past Board Members of the Independent Havanese Club and the Cascade Havanese Club

Ch. Royal Rex of Rocky Reach CD (Blitz), 23 February 1958.
Group 1 Placement over 980 dogs.
  Seattle Kennel Club
      Judge Percy Roberts
     Owner Handler Edward Saxey
       Blitz was one of the Haus Sachse Foundation Studs.
The Following is a contemporaneous article about Haus Sachse Kennels breeding program.

Our Family's Beginnings in the Show Dog World