Esplendor Havanese  

CH. Fergie and Tux litter

           Raising And Showing AKC Havanese
In Washington State in Sequim, WA
 "The Original Cuban Dog" Recognized By the American Kennel 
Club and the CKC. 
Health Tested, Hypoallergenic. 100% Adorable, Guaraneteed!       
    AKC CH. "Tucker"
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Once your inquiry has been received I will send you a formal application. Please note in the comments section when you will be ready for your puppy. Please also read our page " HAV FAQ" to answer many of your questions.
Lisa Saxey
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What do YOU get when you receive an Esplendor Havanese Puppy? 

1. All of our puppies come from AKC Champion parents who have been Health Tested for Hearing (Baer), Eyes (CERF), Hips, Patellas, LCP, Thyroid, and Cardiac. Tests are conducted on time as recommended and available by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) and are then posted on the website.Healthier  

2. Each Puppy has a hearing test (BAER) at 8 weeks of age or as soon as a BAER testing facility can be met. At 6 weeks they receive a parvo shot andthen at 8 weeks they begin receicing their first 3 shot series (8, 12 16 weeks). They begin being wormed in utero through their mother who receives Panacur as her pups grow. They are then dewormed at 2, 4, 6 and 8 weeks. They are weaned on and  fed TOP quality food from conception. Our Adult dogs are fed Fromm Kibble and Wellness canned and/or Primal Frozen raw. I give NuVet vitamins to our adult and our expectant moms.

 When you go home you will receive a bag of the same food your puppy has been eating so he will not expereince any tummy upset and so that he stays on the diet prescribed for his breed type and age. Staying on the same feed ensures sound growth and bone health.

3. All of our breeding dogs are AKC Champion offspring and Champions, having received the AKC's affirmation that they meet or exceed the Breed Standard in Conformation. Occasionally a bitch will be bred if she is Major pointed and nearing her CH IF she has reached her second heat and will re-enter teh show ring for final conformation. Our Hav's are shown in a loving way from our home, they are raised in our home, on our furniture, in our beds and are NOT dogs from a puppy mill. Puppies are whelped in a private bedroom and socialized with humans, other dogs, and all of the normal sounds of a household with children. Our family handles the puppies gradually from birth, allowing them to bond with their mother first and then to become familiar with the sound, sight and feel of people gradually as they age.  They are familiar with outsiders as soon as they have had shots to build their immune system. By the time they go home they have been fully socialized with kids, adults and other dogs and are ready to bond to you. They are also potty trained to newspaper and/or piddle pads. If the weather is fair, they will also have begun to explore outside.

4. You receive you AKC Registration papers upon proof of spay or neuter which we recommend at 8-10 months, unless you are an approved show home. Should the dog be sent home as a "show puppy" and then not be shown by your choice, you will be required to spay or neuter your dog. Doing so beofre the recommended time will invalidate your health contract. We cannot recommend spaying or neutering a toy puppy before the dates given.  
We do not support "backyard breeding" or sell to pet stores or "puppy mills" or to hybrid breeders. All of our buyers are carefully screened after initial contact on our application form. We visit our potential buyer's homes and help you determine if your family is ready for a new "baby". Our pups are important to us, and we want to make sure you are a good match for each other and that your puppy is going to a FOREVER home. 

5. When you take your puppy home, you are responsible for having a well puppy check-up and the 12 week or 16 week booster shot, depending on which week they go home. You are also responsible for asking your vet for the Bordatella, or "Kennel Cough" vaccine. Most puppy obedience classes require this intranasal vaccine. We recommend you give Bordatella to your pup if he will be out and about at dog shows or in social contact with other dogs aside from boarding. Presently, we do not give Bordatella as we raise very few dogs and fewer litters as we breed at an average of once a year. If this changes we will provide an update. You cannot give your Havanese a Corona or Leptospirosis shot. They are allergic to these shots, and doing so will invalidate your health contract. 

6. When purchasing a puppy, you will  make a good faith deposit of $500.00 and pay the balance for your new puppy when you pick him up. Deposits are non-refundable as I have a substantial waiting list for my pups and buyers often will go elsewhere if all pups are sold. Your deposit is your handshake to me that you will keep your promise to pay and that you are a responsible home for this new puppy, which is my main concern.

My puppies usually go home at 10 weeks. If I have a litter due to go home at Thanksgiving, Christmas or Hannukah, I require that you "surprise" your family in some other way than with a live pup. I can help you be creative with this, so that you can come and get your puppy once the crush of the holidays have subsided and you can bring your puppy home in the best of circumstances.

I usually only sell to buyers in the Tri-state area  and B.C., however, if we are a good fit for each other, you may fly out and pick up your puppy or pay to have me fly him out to you. I have a company "Dogair Personal Transport" to help you with this process. If you do fly here or fly me to you, you are responsible for the full cost of the flight/and or making the reservation 10 days before the flight date. If an overnight stay is required in order to accomodate a return flight when I would like to fly, I will pay for the cost of a hotel.

7. We provide you with a contract ahead of time to review and agree to prior to making your deposit. Our contract is available upon request. Deposits are non-refundable as we do lose a potential buyer once our puppies are spoken for.

8.When you take your puppy home, I provide you with a Puppy Handbook complete with feeding schedule, potty training reinforcement tips, grooming instructions, shot records, and valuable information about your Havanese. This is a great place to store your dogs Health Records, Contract, Health Tests, and Show information if you show your puppy later in life. You will go home with the peace of mind that you know how to "operate" your new puppy. I am also available to you for questions, puppy socializing and occasional boarding if my schedule allows. I will only take my own dogs and one other at a time, as all of my dogs live inside of my home. Your dog receieves individual attention while you are gone AND they stay healthy! 

        What should you have or need to know before you receive an Esplendor Havanese Puppy?

You will need to provide a stable, loving home, with proof of a fenced yard or safe play area. Many people own Havanese that don't have a yard yet, and that is acceptable as long as you are aware of the fact that your new puppy or dog will need daily exercise. Without daily exercise, your puppy will be unhappy! You can let your small pup run around the house, play fetch, and tug and as he grows you will want to take him out on lead as weather permits. We have found that a smart dog is a happy dog, so we recommend that you take your dog to obedience class when he is old enough to go. 

You will want to provide the name of the vetrinarian that will be vaccinating your dog as he ages, and providing his Rabies and Bordatella shots. 

Havenese are great at agility, obedience, rally, scent hounding (yes!) and as therapy dogs. If any of these activities sound fun to you, your dog will love them also. Best of all your Havanese will want to be with you as much as possible, they really are Velcro Dogs! 

A pile of puppies resting peacefully in the whelping box.
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